January 18, 2022
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Understanding The Business Called “People”.


Let me explain….

I hear people talk about the dwindling economy like it’s an earthquake. It is just a damn problem. To me that’s already a solution.

I love problems. I care less about what the current exchange rate is or what the economists say. As a matter of fact, every problem is an opportunity, depending on your perception and the realm upon which you play in.

I believe that to every loss, there’s a win somewhere. I rather find where the win is. To me, that quest itself is business when you can connect it with the right people. So my central thought today is on “People”.

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If you keep losing out on those deals, if no one is ready to buy from you, if you’ve ever gone to the bank for a loan and have been turned down with your great idea and on the other hand, the bank keeps chasing another person to give loans to them then you’d realize that “people do not invest in ideas, they invest in people!”. Concentrate on you.

You have to be a “people’s person” . But first of all, you have to be of value first. And then precede it with a valuable character to attract the right people (customer, team etc)

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People are your greatest assets. Your NETwork determines your NETWORTH.

“Connectors are people who know people”

“Everything revolves around people”

“If you don’t know people, then at least know connectors!”

Right now that it seems as if our economy is losing, I believe that to every loss, there’s a win somewhere. I rather find where the win is.
The winning right now is not in our oil or any other natural resources, but in THE BUSINESS OF PEOPLE.
In turbulent times, customers become careful of spending, so to justify what to buy, they’ll naturally demand for more. What more are you giving than the usual. A business is like a relationship, to make a partner stay, is to ask ” What experience can you give them that they can’t get anywhere else?”

Our lives and businesses will do much better if we stopped looking at our products, and then start looking at the people.

You’re wrong assuming that the value proposition of your business is about the product. It is not, but rather it’s about the customer and how you are going to make their lives better.

Don’t see things from your view, the view of a CEO or employee; see things from the view of the customer.

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That’s why Starbucks is among the top 20 simply by selling coffee (the same thing your aboki gateman sells). It’s because their main ideology is “We are not in the coffee business serving people. We are in the people business, serving coffee”.-Starbucks

Your business is not about products, but people.

So this week at work, in your business operations and in your interfacing with people, practice empathy, see through the eyes of the market, see what you do (product) from the view of others (people). Be customer, market and people oriented for they are your greatest assets and hold your biggest opportunities. Invest in them!


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