October 24, 2021
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True Story: Why Are The Germans Like This?

Have you seen any badly built road by Julius Berger, how about a tumbled or smoking G Wagon by Benz?

A typically arrogant German company in Nigeria called Bosch took an entire billboard worth billions of Naira, not for ad but to simply write “QUALITY? We are Germans!!!”.

I wish a Nigerian company can go to Germany to write “QUALITY? INTEGRITY? EXCELLENCE? We are Nigerians”. *smiles

Is it impossible for us to aim for that?

According to Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection, I believe survival is a human instinct. If so, then I also believe that what the Germans and Hitler tried to do with the 2nd World War I believe is a human instinct, to take over people who don’t seem to know what they are in life for. A lot of us don’t, so we may be eaten up by competition if we don’t get better. It’s human and market instinct.

Shooting a video for my leadership 101 course on the Hexavian Academy (out soon), I once explained that there are different ways and forms to power. A few examples are  Referral Power (power by him that referred you, from the name upon which you speak, Christians use this a lot) . There is another form called Punishment Power (power you have from the consequences if you are not obeyed, parents use this a lot). And there is , Reward power   (wealthy people use this a lot). But the most powerful form of power is the one drawn from expertise and superiority in excellence ). It’s called EXPERT POWER. That is being respected because of what you can do like no one else.



Let excellence be your pride and the source of your power. It is long lasting for most people are too mediocre to get there, so the world will respect you for it. It’s the core of being Hexavian. Stay relevant and desirable by it.

From the Germans when you look through their superiority complex, the truth is, you can also see how quality is in their soul and it’s everything about them. It’s cultural to them, and that’s something we all can form a habit for. So I am talking to you as CEO and as a manager.


As your business grows, don’t just grow in figures and balance sheet, grow in quality and desirability. To make this happen, you’ll need to invest in R&D. You will need us to rewrite your current structure and model and you may need to get my books too, *smiles. Also, you’ll need to hire better people than maybe the ones you have, and then together we can come in to help build systems and processes that resonate the excellence you are about. You’ll need to build a stronger and more reliable production unit, supported by good Human Resources , distribution systems, inventory systems, marketing systems, customer relationship and support systems, research and development systems, effectiveness and performance measurement and improvement systems, accounting and hiring systems, and many others. can learn.



This was my message at the Made In Nigeria conference yesterday and I thought I should share it. Please do have a great day ahead.

As your business grows, think about the quality of what you give and sell as a product. Ensure you can compete globally. You cannot be an alligator in Nigeria and a crocodile in Ghana. The world is now smaller and everyone within reach. We are all judged by the same denominator, be on top as a higher numerator like fractions and differentials to not be rationed out. #Maths

Always strive to be better. Let’s know how we can help with that

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