October 24, 2021
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The Most Important Factor to the Growth of a Business

Good Customer, Corporate Culture, Products or Team; what is the most important to the growth of a business?
I asked this question in a training and after a lot of back and forth, the options based on an order of hierarchy was reduced to just two options, Team and Products. And a lot of people eventually chose “good products” as the answer.
But to express my thoughts, let’s put it this way, what if you have the customer (which I used to assume is the most important) but you’ve got the bad product/service, bad team, and woeful corporate culture? The customers, here, automatically become redundant as they’ll tend not to patronize you anymore.
Without wasting much of our time on analysis, taking a look at what brings about the others among the four variables, TEAM, You realize the presence of a good team can work wonders into achieving the other variables (perfecting your corporate culture, creating fantastic products and attracting customers on a high note).
Take note of this: “A good team working on a bad product is much more better than a bad team working on a good product” because a good and well structured team can incorporate Structures and Processes that’ll drive the business (change the product into a good one and reach its customers) growth and progress.
N.B: Work on the most important variable (TEAM) and watch it achieve the other variables for you.

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