January 17, 2022
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The Myth About Opportunities

My writing this morning is to challenge a thought that we heard while growing up and still rings in our ears today. They told us and they still tell us that “opportunities once lost cannot be recovered”. They told us this exact word in different ways.
But, think of it, is this really true? Does this mean we all have one attempt? Does it mean once we miss a chance, we do not have the opportunity to make such things happen again? Do the final outcomes of our lives or the ultimate pictures and aspirations we have in our heart become squashed because we squandered opportunities or made mistakes in the past?
A part of me strongly answers no to all these questions and here is why.
I had a meeting a few months ago around V.I in Lagos, I was not too conversant with that route so I decided to use google map. I remember I moved forward at a junction where I was supposed to make a left turn. Oh shit! While I was battling the thought of going down the next turn to find my way back to the turn I initially missed, I noticed a rerouting sign on my screen, I really didn’t need to go back, google map showed me another way.
I missed an opportunity, but I didn’t lose the destination. A very significant number of people are walking the face of the earth in regrets of the opportunities they have missed. They have identified themselves with the myth that opportunities once lost cannot be regained, they have refused to make fresh and renewed efforts towards achieving their dreams and desires. Even when they get a push to move they whisper to themselves “I lost my chance”. So sad.
Dear friend, there is such a thing as rerouting. Don’t be deceived into this rigid-thinking that there is only one way to achieve your long held desires and aspiration. No. If you missed a chance, I tell you many other chances will come. The truth, however, is that you will only be able to see the new opportunities if you forgive yourself, let go of regrets and choose to move on.
Get up with strength, accept your mistake, but don’t stay there. You might have lost some opportunities, it is time to create some and only those who stand straight in their minds without regrets can create new opportunities for themselves.
Quit making excuses and looking back in regret, start something with the little strength and resources you have. The truth is that the opportunities you felt you lost might not even have turned out the way you thought.
If you missed an opportunity, make sure you don’t miss the destination by looking back. You can only see new opportunities looking forward.
While some opportunities may be wrapped in time and you are tempted to start wishing if you could turn back the hands of time, I am glad we both know you can’t. So be grateful and pursue greater things that would even make you forget you ever missed that opportunity.
Being alive today is another opportunity…SEIZE IT

Mamora Olaoluwa.

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