October 24, 2021
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Shifting Mental Gears- Paradigm




I once saw this quote that said “inhale confidence, exhale doubt”. And I screamed,  “this quote is wrong”. But is it, really?

Looking at it from a scientific perspective, we inhale oxygen to exhale carbon dioxide.


So we bring in the good to push out the bad.


As we face life, we inhale thoughts of confidence through meditation and push out self-limiting beliefs.


2nd Perspective :

On the other hand, we can also invert the quote to mean, “inhale doubt, exhale confidence”, meaning swallow up your fears and then display confidence. Either ways we could bring a good meaning from it.


This clearly is a game of perspective and perception.



Perception (What I See);

Perspective (How I See)

Paradigm (The Shift). Away from just analysis paralysis, maybe I could drive somewhere with this.


In Brand Remodeling, when trying to recreate an image you start by the simulation of perception and perspective along the X and Y axis with the curve representing a paradigm . I mean whether as a linear or quadratic equation that leads to plotting a graph, to create a shift in the curve Teme’s Paradigm, you either adjust Perception or Perspective!


Why is perception, perspective and a toggle between both important?


Well, still on toggling between perception and perspective to have a paradigm, let me tell a quick story. Once upon a time, two salesmen were sent to sell shoes in a strange town. The first salesman, upon arrival, was shocked to realize that no one wore shoes. Immediately, he sent a message to his home office, “I will return home tomorrow. No one wears shoes”. That’s his own perspective.


The second salesman was thrilled by the same realization.

Immediately, he messaged the home office saying, “Please send me more shoes. Everyone here needs them, they done wear shoes yet”.  Playing the perception game always leads you to somewhere interesting either #opportunities or



There are people who can’t change their views, so they don’t see possibilities and opportunities, even if it was in front of them. These are people with sight, but blind, with no vision!


Your mind is elastic!

Expand it and leave it open.

Everything in life, whether projects or success is created twice, first mentally, then physically. The Wright Brothers (inventors of the airplane ) when arguing with themselves will pause and then change/invert their views and continue their argument to get a balanced view. I find this interesting. Once upon a time, I used to look at things and say, “I can’t afford it”, now I say “how can I afford it”. I have a paradigm shift by toggling between perception and perspective. My summary is, before you make up your mind on anything, first open it.



To change your world, change your perception and you may have changed your paradigm, which a neural pathway to changing your  mentality.





Remember, will require a deeper breakthrough. When an egg is broken from the outside, life ends. But when it is broken from the inside, life begins.

Begin the break from the inside. Invest in your mind and the organisation you are in. Talk to us.

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