January 17, 2022
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How To Wake Up Every Morning

Be the kind of person that every morning you wake up, as your feet hits the ground, we can almost hear the devil say, OMG, he’s up!

Don’t step out of bed shabbily daily into your daily work, audaciously see it as stepping into your desired future. Wake up with ease and stillness for a few minutes, while in it, try to visualize  how great the day can be, try articulating your schedules and creating priorities and precedence of activities. I mean make a mental checklist, and then connect and commit it to a higher realm through prayers. Start your present in His presence. Document the plans for the day. This should be a daily culture before you check it.  And then set out.

There’s so much you can give to the present from it. The Future Is Not In Front Of You. It’s Inside Of You. Unleash it, for there is nothing more satisfying than the inner peace and fulfillment from giving so much into your present from the abundance of your future.

Your future is not a place in time, it’s everything you were created to do but haven’t done. It is all you can be but haven’t yet become. Satisfaction is what you should feel at the end of each day, knowing you have excellently done all you were created to do that day.

This week, look at every situation and person around you with this same central thought in your head, “How can I be of help?”. This week, borrow our motto at Hexavia! that says, Go Further Ahead. Make your replacement cost higher than your acquisition cost.

Do more with sophistication that finding your replacement at what you do will be too costly for your boss/customer.

Show excellence, follow through and dominion with what you do. Do whatever your hand touches so well as if God was right in front of you, watching you. Be your best, be Hexavian!


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