October 24, 2021
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How Do You Want To Be Remembered

I have often said that I wish people could realize all their dreams and wealth and fame so they will understand that isn’t where you will find true happiness and a sense of completion. Most of what we dream and want for ourselves are vanity and empty. They are at best temporal, and are for the moment.

We work hard at life so we could save enough money to pay our bills, and have some spare for a carefree vacation, believing that if we work so hard to pay our bills, we deserve to go on vacations. Vacations are wonderful, and so is buying the best clothing, and owning the best luxuries, but there is no sense of value in them all.

I can tell you from experience that the effect you have on others are the most valuable experience there is. How will you serve others? What does the world need that you can provide? What lasting impression will you leave on others? How do you want to be remembered?










The day we begin to ask ourselves these questions, lots of things begin to naturally fix itself. There will be no need to acquire so much at the expense of another. At the face of death, all of our wealth and fame will lose its value leaving only what truly matters.

Why don’t you take a chance at faith, not religion or dogmatism? Why don’t you believe that you are destined for more than all you’ve ever imagined for yourself? Why don’t you get up each morning and remind yourself that you got through the night to make a change during the day? Why don’t you start to truly live your life, and do all you can do, whenever you can, and wherever you are.

Why don’t you live your life one moment at a time, one step at a time while holding the bigger picture? Here’s what I mean, if you want to build the biggest, strongest and most mighty of all walls, you don’t just build it. You put the blocks one at a time, and that’s how life really works. You move one time at a time, but never lose sight of the big vision.

You have to look beyond petty dreams of attaining unending wealth and begin to think in terms of real value and legacy. The world didn’t start the day you were born, and may not end with you. Life is more than food, drink and party. It’s time to invest in things that will outlive you. It’s time you begin to ask yourself the most important questions.


Sometimes at the end, the best lives are the ones that lived backwards. Like live from the future back to the present. Like every step is known, and planned, and scripted. Sometimes, the best lives are the ones that know exactly where they are going and courageous enough to lead others to the future.

At the end, it’s not about your plans, it’s about your dreams. Plans, strategies, tactics will all fade and fail. It’s your dream that counts.

Here’s what I mean.

Don’t be a doctor to be rich, be a doctor to save lives.

Don’t be an entertainer to be popular, be an entertainer to add public value.

Don’t go into business to make money, go into business to make the world a better place.

Don’t go into politics to steal public funds, go into politics to serve people.

The long story short, whatever you do, always first verify from yourself if the reason is for you to serve just yourself or to serve others.

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