January 17, 2022
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Hexavian Laws of Business (Law 5) The Law of Character.

Do not overvalue what you are not and undervalue what you are as well as what you do. We are what we repeatedly do -CHARACTER

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Bank PHB had a great brand but a bad character.


They had the best adverts (one day cars will run on water), but the reality was crappy service, bad books and a bad character.


Work on your company inside-out and outside-in, it determines your longevity in business.

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Trust is everything. Personally, I look out for three things in a person: Intelligence, Energy and Integrity. If they don’t have the third one, then I don’t bother looking for the other two.


How to Build Character?

✔Keep your promise.

✔Take risks.

✔Put yourself out there.

✔Don’t come up with reasons to not do things, look for reasons to act.

✔Don’t invent excuses, invent reasons.

✔Surround yourself with people of high character.

✔Hang out with people who are older than you.

✔Hang out with people very different than you.

✔Hang out with people you admire.

✔Get out of your comfort zone.

✔Commit to self-improvement.

✔Be a good winner, too.

✔Challenge yourself with difficult goals.

✔Use setbacks as fuel.

✔Stop looking to others for approval.

✔Think big.

✔Find a ladder and start climbing it.

✔Learn to recognize and embrace your defining moments.

✔Try to imagine all the possible outcomes of a given situation.

✔Stay busy and avoid idleness.

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Have a Fruitful Sunday, hope this article helps.

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Onyekachi Stella December 11, 2017 at 9:33 am

Stop looking others for approval
This caught me, I always do so
Thanks have learn alot from this


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