August 5, 2021
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Hexavia Laws of Business (Law 8) The Law of Creativity


I think today’s law is in line with the topic of discuss about Tupac, for Tupac to have achieved all this by the age of 25, that means he must have been very creative.


When we all think alike, then no one is thinking -BE CREATIVELY DIFFERENT.  Think out of the box, as a matter of fact, think like there’s no box.










Scientifically,  we have the 3B’s of creativity  (Creativity comes alive more in the Bus, the Bedroom and the Bathroom). It may come in different forms. Find yours…








Find your quiet time, create quiet moments as often as you can. Know where best you mentally and creatively perform.


How to Boost Your Creativity.


✔Commit yourself to developing your creativity.

✔Become an expert.

✔Reward your curiosity.

✔Realize that Creativity is sometimes it’s own reward.








✔Be willing to take risks.

✔Build your confidence.

✔Make time for creativity.

✔Overcome Negative attitudes that block creativity.

✔Fight your fear of failure.

✔Brainstorm to inspire new ideas.



I hope it helps, if it did not…this YouTube video will do


Or get the book on Jumia…

Or get the book on Jumia…

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