December 7, 2021
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I visited a friend over the weekend and one interesting thing that happened during the visit was observe her little niece make an attempt at walking.

I was told the baby would hold on to items within her reach and attempt standing up, but for some days now she would stand with support for some seconds before she lands on the floor again. On my visit it was with fun that every member of the family observed her take her first few steps.

I learned somethings from this, a significant lesson in the journey towards greatness.

1.  To get there you have to start and it doesn’t need to be perfect

You never know how much you can go until you start. Like we often say, the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. I know your dreams are big, I know you are thinking big and you plan to take over the world, but my dear friend start from somewhere.


Great oaks from little acorns grow. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be well put together. I believe at whatever stage of life you are, you have all it takes to do something no matter how small in the direction of your dreams. So just do it! Plan, get data but don’t be a victim of analysis- paralysis.


2.  Don’t quit, fail forward: A child attempting to walk has no respect for the last fall. In your attempt at greatness and success you must learn to fail forward. Setbacks, heartbreaks are part of the journey, the ability to be resilient, fightback and make the best of seemingly disadvantaged situation is what differentiates the average from the super – achievers.

Imagine the number of crawling adults we would have today, if we all gave up on walking because we fell while making attempts to walk as children.

So, when you fail, get up, learn your lessons and try again.

Winston Churchill once said that success consists of moving from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.


3.  Surround yourself with Giants: Research as it that the reason the child makes an attempt at walking is because he/she sees everyone around moving around freely and wants to do the same. The law of image states that what you behold, you become. Your association and exposure subconsciously impresses on your mind the pictures that would go on to determine the outcome of your life. You should consciously choose your company and the quality of information you expose yourself too. They go a long way in determining the outcomes of your life.

It’s a great new week…

Stop Dreaming and Start doing

No starting point is too small

Make mistakes and learn fast

And Don’t stop learning from the right friends and people…



Have a great week

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