October 28, 2021
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You’re More Powerful Than You Know

She said, “Women need a good reason to have sex, but most men, they just need a place”..lol
Now here’s the main problem.
During sex, it is proven that each sperm has 37.5 Megabytes of data. So, by the millions of sperms released, in total, you waste a data transfer of about 1,587 Gigabyte in just about 10 seconds of orgasm.
And that’s when she said, “so men climax in Gigabytes and then think, struggle and succeed in mere Megabytes?
My message this morning is, “you are a powerhouse of energy and data, even your smallest unit of the sperm you were is in gigabytes, don’t downgrade to megabytes with your thoughts and achievement”. You are created to be awesome, don’t downgrade to normal and even less.
 We all can be more because we have the capacity to.
Today’s Hexavian quote says, “you are more powerful than you know it, and they fear the day you discover it”. Awaken the giant within.  We help to do that for a living.
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