August 1, 2021
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Are You in Church or is the Church in You? #HexavianSundaySeries

#ChurchForTheStreet is back, #HexavianSundaySeries

Be innovative, even in Christ. Evangelism isn’t sharing tracts and flyers ( we rarely read them). For me, it is not two guys (sometimes a guy and girl) with an umbrella and a briefcase knocking at my door uninvited, and handing me down papers. That’s actually not bad, but the problem with that is that the same writers write it, the same readers read it, away from the real people who need it.

Like the Platform, Salvation Army charities, like the Experience, like the affordable missionary schools, like those YMCA playgrounds in the 90s,  We need to create more of such social projects that moves Heaven closer to Earth

Evangelism follows the same model as marketing. And like we say in marketing strategy according to the Delta model as against the Harvard’s Potters 5 Forces model, I believe that a good product should sell itself. Evangelism to me is doing what I do so well, showing in practical value results of what I preach and keeping my values in order that you can’t help but notice, then ask me, What religion are you, what church do you  go to?

It’s awkward. I go to church on Sundays and  I don’t recognise these guys, some I saw on Friday. It’s so strange. All of a sudden everyone has become the Holy Ghost, but then their depth disappears and they become Casper the ghost on Monday.

As a Christian, you don’t have to live everyday away from the world, like you are not a part of it, like you’re Deeper Life, like you’ve packed your bag waiting for rapture and nothing else is your business. Apply the supernatural principles to the everyday natural for exponential result. That’s an effective way to sell what you preach. This world is serious business, you are God’s product, you are responsible for the sale.

So many people who need God are not in church because they in doubt. They don’t need to just see us in church, rather, the church in us. Let your life bring them in. The truth is, heaven might not come right now, so quit threatening people to forward messages else, quit selling fear as strategy, for now you are the only God, the world may ever see. Let them see Him through you, through Excellence, your love for God reflective in your Core Values, Sacrifice and Service. #ChurchForTheStreets


#ChurchForTheStreetsCompilation as a book is now out

#ChurchForTheStreets is a controversial  yet profoundly deep Sunday Hexavian series and now also a book. Chat me to get it.

Eizu, ©Hexavia!


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