September 27, 2021
Hexavia Business Club

What’s Your Expansion Strategy

Beyond vertical expansion as per your growth in life, how are you expanding right where you are? Are you a shoe maker? What do you know about leather improvement? What are the new technologies used in the world today for making footwear? How can you create more precise dimensions? What materials are more comfortable and in what weather? What is the depth of your knowledge in that field?

The world stage isn’t for those who know a little bit of everything, it’s for those who are masters at that one thing they know. I call it horizontal expansion – expanding at that very point you are. It’s the in-depth and vast knowledge of that particular thing you do.

It begins with asking questions and seeking answers. Be curious, strive to know more, get to meet new people regardless of if they are not in your field. Remember, most times innovation comes from outside a system. They could inspire ideas for your next breakthrough.

Don’t walk while the world is running.

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