October 27, 2021
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The Power of Vision. (#Church for the Streets)

I know it’s Sunday. But, today, I’m sorry once again, there’s no sermon. Let’s go on a ride instead. It’s an exercise.

Google that dream you have. Visit that expensive car lot, that land/property you want to buy but can’t raise the capital. Check out that grad school’s website, that bridal store to check out that engagement ring or gown, or that apartment you can’t afford yet. This week, tell the agent to take you on an inspection. He won’t say no, would he?
My dear, you must have heard me say, that “Everything in life, whether projects or success is created twice, first mentally, then physically”. Nothing changes permanently except you change something you used to do every day. That break in habit changes your life and mind’s neural pathway it is used to. To have something, you have to first practically rewrite the visuals of what you see. Rewriting the genetic codes of your life always starts with a thought and a follow through of that thought till it breaks the chain of action, till it brings forth the breakthrough.
Be closer to your aspirations. Be ambitious. Create a bigger vision and attempt to step into that imagination even if you can’t afford it now.
Don’t cut your coat according to your size, else you’ll soon find yourself cutting your size according to your coat.
Trust me, having started early and unafraid to take bold steps, from experience, we know that you never can tell how far you can go, till you begin the first steps. Visualise it and then begin the steps to securing the papers for its ownership, it’s called a Title Deed. Last week on #ChurchForTheStreets, I broke it down.
To read more about this concept, please visit http://www.hbc.org.ng/2016/09/23/title-deeds-church-for-the-streets/
Thank me later.
Eizu, ©We are Hexavia

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