October 24, 2021
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How Growth Happens

A young Jimmy Iovine got a job as a studio cleaner and messenger. Right there he started learning about studio engineering. Like Wizkid was to OJB, like  Olamide was to 9ice and ID Cabasa, he was what we call a studio rat.


He was in the studio when most of Beatles and John Lennon hits were made. Today, he is the producer of the Academy Award movie 8 Miles by Eminem. He is the chairman of Interscope records and the co-founder of the headphone company Beats by Dre. Their woofers and speakers now come in all Chrysler cars. He got 3.2 billion dollars to share from Apple acquisition of beats by Dre alongside Dr Dre.

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Growth doesn’t just happen, it comes from intention.

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Growth doesn’t just happen. It starts from stepping out on purpose. 150 million people in Nigeria, an open market, how dare you struggle?

All around me, I see a lot of people who want to be successful. But that is just a want and not an intention.An intention comes from a stronger desire, an internal agreement and an action to be successful at something specific with a deep reason (a problem to be solved). They then align themselves with environments that supports that intention. At that point, the tools needed to grow will naturally begin to spring forth. At that point,  the grace for accelerated growth happens.



My most common saying is that “any one can fall off a ladder by accident, but no one climbs a ladder by accident”, meaning that all growth usually starts from that one moment when we decide to venture into a worthwhile cause, intentionally. And intentional growth requires  a start, discipline and focus.


Focus creates blindness. When you focus on something, blinding away distractions, magic happens. As that phase of magic begins, there’s a need to follow through (consistency) bearing in mind ways for improvement. It happens when you can pause to let growth catch up on you. That pause comes as questions. It comes when you can ask yourself, “what can I start doing, what can I stop doing, what can I keep doing, what can I do better right now, what can I do more of,  how can I ensure that the success I enjoy right now will remain”. At this point, an internal culture would have been created, a culture where your conscious mind is a generator of brilliant ideas backed with the power and discipline to bring forth its thoughts. At that phase, your dreams helps you  stay awake. In other words,  you constantly remember to remember, what you want. At that point, growth becomes a part of you.


Fotograf mit Distagon T* 2,8/21 ZE in der Anwendung ¦ Photographer using the new Distagon T* 2,8/21 ZE
Just like a camera, when you focus, you get a better picture.

Focus is everything.


When Bill Gates first met Warren Buffett, it was at a dinner for successful people. The host was Gates’ mum. She asked everyone around the table to identify what they believed was the single most important factor in their success through life. Gates and Buffett gave the same one-word answer: “Focus.”



Focus is what creates  that successful Outlier. It’s that 10 000 hours rule concept we mention all the time in our HBC Whatsapp Group chats. It is also that Greek myth of ” The fox versus the Hedgehog”.


The problem is, we don’t know what the problem is.


The problem with growth is, most people are not focused enough to follow through with work. There’s nothing you dedicate and give your whole self into that it doesn’t give itself back to you. There’s nothing you progressively spread your 10 000 hours into that you won’t become a master and success in, yes I said it!


Outliers and Hedgehogs (unlike foxes) are focused and have mastered an art, on the other hand, it has simplified all that they know, have and “how” from a complex world into a single organizing idea, a basic principle or concept that unifies and guides everything all through. They seem to have a template for having the same results over and over again.


With our team, it seems like we effortlessly build things. But the truth comes from the number of interactions, shared experiences and work preciously put into what we do.  That’s why it’s easy for Hexavia to build great brands, people and businesses..


That’s what you call Mastery, guys who practice it are called Masters, #HexavianMasterclass


Amateurs practice till they get it right, but pros and masters practice till they can’t get it wrong. I hope this makes sense?



Written By Eizu Uwaoma, 
© Hexavia!.

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About Eizu Uwaoma

Eizu Uwaoma is the founder & lead strategist of Hexavia, a business, brand, training & management consulting firm. Through his weekly features nationwide on radio, he connects with more than 5 million professionals, personally interacting with over 500 top executives & has intervened in over 50 businesses. He has a proficient gift, skill and experience in enterprise development. He is an authority in brand, human capital and business training as well as project consultancy.

He runs the Decoded, a monthly hangout for professionals in all major Nigerian cities facilitates at the Hexavian Masterclass and is the founder of the Hexavian Business Club.


To attend the Masterclass, click on http://www.hbc.org.ng/masterclass/



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