January 18, 2022
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How to Meditate

She kept screaming at the vigil, “dear lord, I’ve been believing you for a fat bank account and a thin body. I’m screaming again so you can hear me. FAT account and a THIN body lord. Please don’t mix it up again”. Lol

Meditation 001
I wish I could play God and talk back to her. But even if God was to, it will be through meditation.

Like mobile phone calls. If I can’t hear you, then I can’t hear you. It doesn’t matter if you scream. It’s not your phone or your voice, it’s the bad network. #ChurchForTheStreet is back!!!

You don’t have to scream to pray.  It’s not by the voice, it’s by the connection. If the connection is bad, you can cry, scream or rant, same way the other person won’t hear because of bad network, in prayer, He may not hear you.  Connect right first, and meditation will do that faster than prayer can.

meditation 002
Meditation is the art of staying still. Your mind houses a series of infinite thoughts all over the place, each like a drunk jumping monkey. Imagine keeping all of them still. That’s the goal so you can eventually focus on one thing. #Concentration
How To Meditate

meditation 005

I’m a huge fan of enlightenment science. It’s not a religion but a practice you can apply to any religion. I personally apply it to business and neuro-lingustic programming of my day, goals and task. I do before and after a prayer. Meditation aids in writing the scipts of personal effectiveness too.

Start by allocating 20minutes daily to it,  till it forms a new neuropath on your prefrontal cortex, the point where a new habit is formed and an old one broken.

Prayer is talking to God. But meditation is God talking to you. Which would you prefer?

Meditation 007
For starters, here are my steps (don’t start on meditating on anything yet. Just meditate first, not “on the word”, or an affirmation or repetitive mantra. First master stillness.

Meditation 003

Step 1. Get a timer (first try is 20mins, you most likely will lose focus before it).

Step 2 : Sit up (don’t tilt your spine or stay in a position you may feel sleepy). You may try the default Yoga position.

Step 3. Breath deeply first, then exhale. And then breath nice, calm and steady

Step 4 . Sit still and don’t move.

Step 4. Like watching the cloud go across your head, thoughts will come passing through, just let them pass. Don’t stop to observe anyone, don’t observe anything. If a thought comes running while you meditate, in your mind,  just go like “oh, that’s a thought, please pass”. And then it passes and you continue with your stillness and mindfulness.

Once you have over time mastered meditation. You can now meditate on the word or your affirmations, prayers or mantra. Your prayer becomes more in connection.

Meditation creates depth, by letting the outter noise off without drowning that inner voice.

creativity 007

You system is like an egg. My dear, life and business follows the same principle as an egg.
“If an egg is broken by outside force, Life ends. If broken by inside force, Life begins. Great things always begin from inside.” Did in. Meditate daily to find that inner solitude to a connection. Solitude is the greatest art of the soul. Learn to meditate, and then on the word.

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