September 27, 2021
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Hexavian Laws of Business (Law 15) The Law of Marketing and Strategy.








In marketing, positioning is everything- create the right PERCEPTION.

Define your market, create a USP- Unique Selling Point, penetrate the market with it, improve on it and while marketing, don’t forget to be subliminal with selling.

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People hate being sold to, so find a value driven means. Create a campaign that adds value as a means to subliminally advertise.

telling a story marketing






How To Market a Product

▪Keep it up-to-date.

▪Hire a graphic designer.

▪Design a logo.

▪Design unforgettable product packaging.

▪Have a website.

▪Make a press release.

▪Maximise social media.

▪Use Internet ads.

▪Be smart about email marketing.

▪Utilise digital coupons.

▪Use print advertising.

▪Consider television ads.

▪Become an expert in your market.

▪Make sure to consider what your target market should be.

▪Determine your start-up budget.

▪Develop sales goals.

▪Develop a sales plan.

▪Choose a strategy to succeed.

▪Consider a concentrated marketing strategy.

▪Expand your market.

I hope it helps, if it did not…this YouTube video will do


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