October 24, 2021
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Are you familiar with this bible passage where Jesus asked the above question? Good! Jesus didn’t just ask that question. He knew people weren’t sure who he was and he wanted his brand to be properly projected so that his message could gain clarity. The response he got from two of his disciples was ” Some call you John” and the other said “others call you Elijah”.

There is a great value in evaluating your personal or corporate brand. It will not only help you stay according to the plan of your life, it will help you know that which is important from that which isn’t.

Early In the month of January 2019, I took time out here to ask people 4 questions about my personal brand. Basically, I wanted to know what people thought of me as a person whenever my name pops up before their mental eyes.

To cut the long story short, most people erroneously thought that I was a politician. Why did they think so? Because I put a lot of energy in discussing state of the nation, good governance, politics and other related issues.

In doing this, there is no way I won’t spend a lot of time discussing how people think and that which is responsible for how they think, as well as how they behave politically and economically. This includes talking about religion.

Religion and politics in this environment are the lethal Siamese Twin of friendship severance. Just by saying something uncomplimentary about a politician or a religious leader can make someone who feeds from the spiritual or economic well of the person you are criticizing to secretly begin to detest you, and gradually get to the point where they either fight you or take a flight.

The greater majority of my respondents considered me a politician and the next set thought of me as a religious critic. Only those who have known me for over 7 years considered me a professional communications practitioner, and that is only understandable.

What is the lesson here? The lesson is that people do not have time to process the thought of a person projecting a multiple side to their brand at the same time.

You see, it is a fact that the brain is always busy day dreaming. The only thing that stops the brain from doing so at any point in time is a fantastic story. And whether you know it or not, we are all walking and working stories.

As Shakespare rightly said in one of his works ” The world is a stage and we are all actors. ”

Your brand, personal or corporate, must have a beautiful story at every point in time, to catch profitable attention.

With the prevalence of noise coming fro various entities and platforms, catching attention has become very very difficult.
If you are to catch the right attention, you must make music where other brands are making noise.

Whether you are a politician, a preacher, a civil rights activist or an entrepreneur, being heard, seen and rewarded with the required patronage will take more than delivering great products.

It’s time to be heard, seen and rewarded.

It is time for clarity.

What do your customers or followers think you are?

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About the author

Ayo Moses Ogedengbe is a Storybrand Strategist and BrandStory teller. Feel free to contact him on whatsapp at 08026221202 if you are interested in building or growing your brand consistently and systematically.

You can also follow him on Instagram @ayoozovehe.

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